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Get to Know the CEO

Peter "PJ" Scott Jr.

Peter Scott Jr., also referred to as PJ, is a serial entrepreneur from Louisville, KY. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Scott now resides in Siesta Key, Florida as a Design Civil Engineer at Waldrop Engineering. His parent brand, PJ Enterprise encompasses a variety of services. 

Scott is a mild mannered businessman who has achieved substantial success in the construction industry which has allowed him to launch other ventures, such as The Millionaire Project Academy. Consequently, The Millionaire Project Academy is his most notable project thus far, encompassing stocks, crypto suggestions, an alkaline digital recipe guide and MPTV.

 Scott continues to elevate himself as well as those around him with the aim of helping others become the best versions of themselves.

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Origins: The Project Series

PJ Enterprise presented The Project Series with a mission to provide students with the resources and tools to offer ways to elevate their lives. The Project Series offered, holistic, and spiritual advice, and continues to expand. The series provided safe environments for multiple parties, created for students to release stress from their studies through networking, dancing, and friendly contests with cash prizes. This Project Series was the start of the Millionaire Project.

The purpose of the The Millionaire Project  is to provide not only financial tips but also health, physical fitness and spiritual guidance.

"Health is wealth. They correlate."  - PJ Scott

If any of The Millionaire Project text alerts resonates with you, be sure to direct message, allowing us the opportunity to spotlight you. 

Much love family, we look forward to expanding with you.

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Purpose Driven

The CEO, Peter Scott, was interviewed on The Black BOSS Channel by Jeff Lightsy Jr. He spoke with Peter about our website and how it "is helping black people make a lot of money in the stock market and crypto currency world." Peter lives by the mantra, "Health is wealth", therefore the Millionaire project encompasses investment in self, from the food you consume, to the information you receive, and to the mindset you develop.  

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